Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden is a composer, producer, instrumentalist, vocalist, AV technician, mixing and recording engineer, and music teacher from New Jersey.
As a composer and producer, Matthew has worked in independent video games, animation, commercials, sound accompaniment for art installations, and participated in various, online music creation communities.

As a bassist, Matthew has played in everything from musicals to death metal bands, lending live and/or recorded low-end to Ultra Death Men, Giggle The Ozone, Hybegnu, Ice Giant, Femoral, and more.

With their personal endeavors, Matthew has a prolific catalogue of music dating as far back as 2004. Matthew has maintained a number of solo projects, but is best known for their work as the sole member of the frantic, experimental synth-pop project, Bubblegum Octopus, which has performed all of North America and in Japan, all on self-booked tours.

‚Äč For inquiries about commissions, booking, or lessons (online or in person) on bass, guitar, synthesis, drum set, mandolin, or electronic music production/DAW proficiency, please reach out!


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